Because memories are our adjectives and adverbs…

My father helped me name this blog.  We have a love of books in common; it was his library after all that I longed after.  The book bindings and covers called to me with their fantastical pictures of dwarfs, glowing blue swords and strong (even though scantily clad) women.  They spoke to me with words I couldn’t yet read as a young child but would eventually pour thru at neck breaking speeds. Now many of the authors that donned his shelves occupy mine, with additions from the paranormal and adult urban fantasy genres where strong female heroines reign supreme and female writers outnumber the men.

So my dad left a voicemail with this title.  “Writing consists of nouns, verbs and memories,” he said.  “Our memories are shared using adverbs and adjectives.” I liked the idea, even more so that it came from him, the source of my love for books, which, in essence, led to my love for writing and the driving force behind my life-long dream, made reality of being a published author.

Trust:  The Alex Conner Chronicles Book One was released on December 4th, hitting the hands of friends and family at my release party at Flip Flops in Virginia Beach.  It was a fantastic night; I have such great friends, neighbors, and a supportive family.  I always knew my first book would be part of a series.  Earlier this year my book cover artist asked me if I had book two done?




“Ballsy” he quipped.   Yes, yes it was, as well as confident, driven and a dash of crazy.  So here I go, on a new journey as a writer, author, and blogger.  Hell, I had a pen name in 3rd grade and now the book, that’s been 15 years in the making, is being enjoyed and receiving positive praise.   My beliefs are now solidified that this road has always been in the cards for me.

I look forward to your comments and thank you for taking this journey with me!


Visit for information on a 3 chapter sample and where to buy Trust.

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